Why am I Running?

What the Democratic Party needs is committed, active leadership in every neighborhood to advocate for progressive values, build organizing infrastructure, and hold elected officials accountable through citizen engagement. For too long the Party leadership in New York City held a narrow focus on patronage in local judge elections and has let organizing capacity lag far behind the Republicans’. The future of progressive politics is in permanent grassroots action, and I am running to replace the complacent old guard with a more energetic and active Democratic Party.

If elected, I will lead the Democrats on the Upper East Side, Lenox Hill, and Roosevelt Island with a focus on:


Organizing for Democrats Nearby: The highest priority in the coming years must be retaking State legislatures and Congress to mitigate the damage caused by the current Republican president. As District Leader, I will work with local Democratic clubs, Indivisible NY, and other grassroots groups to organize volunteers for Democratic campaigns in the New York City Congressional and State Senate districts currently held by Republicans and the breakaway Independent Democrats. It is unconscionable that Democrats in the New York legislature would abandon the voters that elected them and put the State Senate under Republican control, and New Yorkers deserve local leaders that are willing to fight back.

Bringing in a New Generation of Active Democrats: During the last election and the months following the presidential inauguration, thousands of New Yorkers – both younger and older – found themselves anxious to get involved but put off by the current Democratic Party organization. They rightly see it as too sequestered and inward-facing, uninterested in bringing in new constituents or hearing new ideas. As District Leader, I will proactively reach out to voters not currently engaged in organized politics and put the infrastructure in place to ensure every new Democrat in the district receives information on the party leadership, community issues, and grassroots political groups as soon as they register to vote.

Connecting People to Their Government: In a deep blue area like ours, the local Democratic Party should be the primary means by which voters and residents engage with the City’s leaders and public services. If elected, I will make myself available as the point person for the district’s residents to understand local government policies, lobby elected officials on community concerns, and navigate the City and State bureaucracies. The neighborhood’s residents deserve a leader who will work for them and their needs, and I do not intend to let them down.