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Thank you so much for supporting the campaign. It's not an exaggeration to say every dollar counts, and with your support we can remake the Democratic Party from the ground up, one neighborhood at a time.

You can make a donation by credit/debit card here or by check. If a check is easier, make it payable to Friends of Ben Wetzler and mail to 354 East 91st Street, apt. 408, New York, NY 10128 and put your return address on the envelope.

Who's donating

Russell Bohner
Tyler Rockey
Mike Shatzkin
Katharine and Jonathan Sulds
Eleanor Finnegan
Shelagh Mollohan
Jay Kriegel
Ashley Emerole
Rita Jacobs
Barry Aaronoff
Clifford Stanton
Elyssa Roberts
Jane Christianson
Gerald Ferguson
Emma Michelson
Teresa Malyshev
Christy Pennoyer
Ann and Steve Shapiro
Laurie Sprayregen
Deborah Burke
Jerome Rothbaum
Andrew Brownstein
nancy halis
john Jiler
Jerry Kalmus
Shayla Regmi
Jonah Wolf
Marcia Orovitz
George Felleman
Vivienne Machi