8/15/18 76th AD County Committee Caucus on Reform

The other Democratic leaders from the Upper East Side and I called a meeting of our neighborhood's delegation to the County Democratic Committee to discuss our slate of proposed rules.

This has been a frustrating and difficult process, with lots of delays and lack of communication between the party members and leadership. But as a result of my and other reformers' efforts we were able to get a number of important changes before the committee. That vote will take place at the next meeting of the county committee.

We convened this meeting to educate our members on the proposed reforms and to discuss whether we needed to make a last ditch effort to force a vote on a more aggressive overhaul of the Party's ethics code. You can take a look at the proposed new Rules of the Manhattan Democratic Party here, and I hope you will be pleased to hear we decided to push for the addition of the following: 

Neither the County Leader nor the County Chairperson shall receive any compensation in return for lobbying the city or state of New York on any matter, nor shall they receive compensation in excess of $10,000 per year in aggregate from any lobbying firm, defined as a person or entity that has one or more employees who are lobbyists on behalf of a client other than that person or entity. 

This seems like an uncontroversial position to me, but unfortunately the Manhattan Democratic county leader considers it a direct attack on him and his livelihood. It's an uphill battle but it's one I intend to win.