6/28-8/26 Summer Canvassing for Congressional Candidates

My co-leader Kim and I got together with activists from the Four Freedoms Democratic Club's activism committee to strategize on how we can help Democratic candidates near and within New York City. 

We had previously been very active in supporting primary challengers to the "Independent" Democrats who joined with the Republicans to block Democratic control of the legislature, and wanted to get the group on the same page with regards to how to allocate our limited time and resources. Though many members expressed a desire to continue opposing the IDC, we agreed they should do that on their own time (in part because the grassroots effort against them had grown so much) and the Club would focus its attention at the federal level and use its budget for buses to swing congressional districts.

Over the summer we made three trips out.

  • One knocking on doors in Bay Terrace, Staten Island, to support Democrat and US Army veteran Max Rose in late July,
  • Another for Rose in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, in mid-August,
  • And a third up to Ellenville to support Democrat Antonio Delgado in late August.

The plan is to increase the frequency of these trips - including ones to New Jersey and Long Island - in September and October, and to set up a regular Thursday phone bank on the Upper East Side to support Democratic candidates. If you'd like information on when we're planning on making trips and how to join, sign up for the Club's "Midterms Action Alerts" here.