5/8/18 FFDC Endorsements: Part 1

On Tuesday the Four Freedoms Democratic Club had its endorsement meeting for governor, lieutenant governor, and state legislature.

Representatives from each of the major campaigns for state office came to speak and ask the Club for support, including incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo, incumbent Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul, candidate for Governor Cynthia Nixon, and Council Member and candidate for Lt. Governor Jumaane Williams. Council Member Ben Kallos spoke on behalf of Gov. Cuomo and Lt. Gov. Hochul, Brooklyn NAACP President L. Joy Williams spoke on behalf of Ms. Nixon, and activist Kat Brezler spoke on behalf of Council Member Williams.

As a group of progressive activists committed to reforming the Democratic Party from the ground up, our members took the prospect of a left-leaning challenge to a sitting governor very seriously, though there was concern about Ms. Nixon's lack of experience in State government. Much of the debate and discussion revolved around corruption scandals in Albany and the City's housing and transit crises. Ultimately, the Club resolved to stay neutral. A plurality of members voted "no endorsement," and among those who voted to endorse, the vote was tied between the two candidates.

State Senators José M. Serrano and Liz Krueger and Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright are all running for re-election in the Democratic primary unopposed. The Club voted to support all three of them and help get them on the ballot.

The Democratic primary election for State offices will be held on Thurs., September 13th. You can check your voter registration status here and find your polling place here. If you have any issues registering to vote or dealing with the Board of Elections, email me at Ben@voteben.nyc and I can help you out.