2/8/18 Planning Phone Banks for Primary Challengers

Throughout February I've been planning a series of volunteer phone banks on the Upper East Side to voters in State Senate Districts currently represented by a member of the Independent Democratic Conference.

The Independent Democratic Conference is a group of eight State Senators who are members of the Democratic Party and elected as the Democratic nominee in their districts who then go to Albany and support the Republican leadership. This gives the Republicans - who only represent 31 out of the 63 State Senators - control over which bills are called for a vote. Because of this arrangements the minority Republicans have been able to stymie efforts to protect abortion rights, tenants' rights, and other key priorities for years.

This year there will be an unprecedented number of challengers to these turncoat Democrats in the September Democratic primaries. I've been working in collaboration with a group called No IDC NY to organize regular phone banks on the Upper East Side. This will allow volunteers and Democratic activists on the East Side and Roosevelt Island to inform voters in these districts that their representatives have betrayed the party and are lying about their true party affiliation.

The first phone bank will be on February 25th from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM, at the home of David Herman at 135 E. 83rd Street. We will be calling prime Democratic primary voters in the Riverdale and Pelham Bay Park sections of the Bronx, who are represented by Sen. Jeff Klein. Klein is the leader of the IDC and there is a strong challenger running against him, Alessandra Biaggi

If you're interested in joining, email me at Ben@voteben.nyc or RSVP here