2/12/18 FFDC Congressional Endorsement

On Monday, February 12th, the Four Freedoms Democratic Club held our biennial endorsement meeting for U.S. Congress. 

We invited all three candidates for New York's 12th Congressional District (the East Side of Manhattan, Long Island City in Queens, and Greenpoint in Brooklyn). Congress Member Carolyn Maloney is running for re-election, and is being challenged by former Obama Campaign staffer Suraj Patel and independent publisher Sander Hicks.

All three candidates spoke and took questions from the Club's general membership. It was an exciting and informative debate on issues ranging from the economy to education to cybersecurity to the federal judiciary. Ultimately the Club voted to endorse CM Maloney's re-election, and we will be helping her get on the ballot and campaign in preparation for the primary in June (Congressional primaries in NY are earlier than for all the other offices, which is ridiculous and voting rights reformers are fighting to fix it).