12/28/17 Indivisible UES Action Group

Kim Moscaritolo - my co-District Leader from the other half of the 76th AD - and I spoke at the monthly meeting of Indivisible UES about plans to help Democratic candidates in the New York City area in the coming year.

Earlier in December we had met with a small number of other Indivisible UES members we were informally calling the "action group" to put together a list of initiatives the organization could take on in order to engage volunteers in substantive activity to help sway competitive elections here in NYC. We talked through four big options:

  • Organizing volunteers to phone-bank and potentially even take a bus out for a day trip to Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District to do GOTV for the special election there in March¬†(though that may be infeasible - PA18 is really far from NYC).
  • Setting up a regular "coffee social" for UES-ers and Roosevelt Islanders interested in politics to meet and build the progressive community here.
  • Phone banking "Independent" Democratic State Senate districts to spread the word about the breakaway group's dishonesty.
  • Doing an "adopt-a-district" effort closer to the general election for Congress.

Everyone from the group took on an effort to help organize and there was a lot of enthusiasm from Indivisible's leaders and general membership. If you are interested in any of the above activities, email me at Ben@voteben.nyc.