10/18/17 Phone Banking for Sen. Latimer

Wednesday night Four Freedoms Democratic Club member Eric Wimer hosted a phone bank to Westchester voters in support of Sen. George Latimer's campaign for County Executive.

It was a productive and fun event. A couple Club members and I met at his apartment and made calls for a few hours after work, asking voters if they had been following the race. If someone was unfamiliar and wanted to talk, we would tell them about Sen. Latimer's record of controlling tax increases, his push for a minimum wage increase, and his commitment to prevent the privatization of the acqueduct, which would threaten the health and cleanliness of the drinking water in Westchester and NYC. At one point Eric talked for 15 minutes straight with a life-long Republican voter who grew up in North Carolina and convinced him Latimer was the right choice for Westchester - we're that committed to fighting for every vote. 

I'm working with others to schedule a trip up to knock on doors with Sen. Latimer's team on Sunday the 29th. If you're interested in helping out, let me know at ben@voteben.nyc.