10/11/17 Info and Strategy Session for County Committee Members

Wednesday the 11th was the "divisional" meeting for the members of the Democratic Committee of New York County from the 76th AD, which covers the Yorkville and Lenox Hill sections of the Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island. The other District Leaders from the neighborhood and I decided to use the opportunity to educate the committee members on the proposed rules changes, hear their feedback, and talk strategy for getting them adopted.

The meeting had impressively high turnout - more than 60 local activists joined us at the Church of the Holy Trinity on 88th Street to discuss the proposed rules changes. The District Leaders had an opportunity to explain the thinking behind the proposals. Many members of the group offered their own ideas for new rules or volunteered to serve on the Party's Rules Committee. It was a productive meeting and a testament to the enthusiasm for grassroots democracy here on the Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island.

The next step is for my colleagues and I to take their feedback to the other District Leaders when we next meet (hopefully some time in October), and to push for a Rules Committee that will study the proposals with an open mind. The danger here is that the Rules Committee will reject the proposals outright at the whim of the current leadership and we will lose any opportunity for compromise or reconciliation. We agreed to meet again once some progress had been made, so the entire group could be informed and participate with no decisions being made behind closed doors.

If you live in the area and are interested in serving on the Democratic Committee of New York County, let me know. There are still some vacancies left for our district.